Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Costume Show!

Hello All of my Followers and Fans!,

      Tonight I entered a show  where we dressed in "Scary" costumes and strutted our stuff on the runway! I was running late as usual and nervous to say the least. I opted for the shock-look and wore a skin called "Death Shadow" with yellow flame eyes and Rave Monster glowing/flowing add-on's. Angel gave me a wicked laugh to play and I had fun by the end of the show too! By the way....even though I did not place in this first show of mine, my Angel won 1st place! She is my partner in SL and RL and I am so very proud of her win there! I am posting my costume and the winner "ANGELRAELLA" a.k.a. the wicked witch this night. She is such a sweet and charming woman in both worlds, her costume was totally opposite of the way she really is! A true Angel and I am one lucky man for sure!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I am fortunate enough to have been enrolled into UCWS modeling school. I am new to the modeling industry and happy to have this opportunity given to me. I hope to excel and become a success as this is new and very interesting to me. I have one of the best tutor's that a new model could ask and she is my partner as well. Her name is AngelRaella Shelman and I give great thanks to the entire staff of UCWS!

 Lets go shake up the modeling world with style and brilliance too!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekending it casually with our horses

Howdy Y'all!
     I just wanted to share with you the at home side of me. Here I am outside of our horse barn and next to the lagoon. We are very proud new horse owners, Angel and I, and are building a nice little herd of them. More photo's of them to come soon so check back to see the ever growing herd and our special breeds with awesome features.

My first Blog

Greetings, Let me introduce myself. My name s FreedomRock Rhiadra and I am a model and a horse owner. I am currently enrolled at CWS school of modeling and having a blast working so hard and learning so much too.