Monday, October 18, 2010


I am fortunate enough to have been enrolled into UCWS modeling school. I am new to the modeling industry and happy to have this opportunity given to me. I hope to excel and become a success as this is new and very interesting to me. I have one of the best tutor's that a new model could ask and she is my partner as well. Her name is AngelRaella Shelman and I give great thanks to the entire staff of UCWS!

 Lets go shake up the modeling world with style and brilliance too!!!

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  1. hey freddom a quick commenst to let you know your Blog is fab. Also to say I am so happy to ahve met both you and Angel and could not choose two betetr ppl to share the experience of learning together. I hope you do very well in your modeling career here in Sl and look faraward to taking the runway with you soon xxxx