Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Costume Show!

Hello All of my Followers and Fans!,

      Tonight I entered a show  where we dressed in "Scary" costumes and strutted our stuff on the runway! I was running late as usual and nervous to say the least. I opted for the shock-look and wore a skin called "Death Shadow" with yellow flame eyes and Rave Monster glowing/flowing add-on's. Angel gave me a wicked laugh to play and I had fun by the end of the show too! By the way....even though I did not place in this first show of mine, my Angel won 1st place! She is my partner in SL and RL and I am so very proud of her win there! I am posting my costume and the winner "ANGELRAELLA" a.k.a. the wicked witch this night. She is such a sweet and charming woman in both worlds, her costume was totally opposite of the way she really is! A true Angel and I am one lucky man for sure!

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